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Our address: Ukraine, Kharkov
Ukraine, Kharkov
Ukraine, Kharkiv, Grazhdanskaya st., 17
Mon-Fri: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Sat-Sun: 10 am to 5 pm

Payment information

-   In cash   you can pay for the purchase ON RECEIPT (cash on delivery) in the delivery service.

-   By bank transfer   you can pay for the purchase using Privat 24, Visa / Master Card, Yandex Wallet, Western Union, Money Gram (after placing an order, the store manager will send you an invoice by e-mail, which you can pay at the cash desk of any bank branch). To receive an invoice, you must specify the details of the payer and the desired method of payment.

The price indicated in USD currency is converted at the rate of Privat Bank (for credit and debit cards).
Payment for goods is carried out in national currency (hryvnia) according to the amount approved in the order.

If you received the goods and it did not satisfy you (without damage due to the oversight of the transport companies), you can return the goods no later than 3 days after its arrival at the warehouse of the transport company. The guarantee of our activity is a long-term reputation and customer reviews (in the social network or on the website) from all over Ukraine and countries, both near and far abroad. There is no warranty for electrical products.

Upon receipt of the goods, you must have your passport and declaration number, which we will send you.
The cost of delivery of goods in Ukraine is carried out according to the tariffs of the carrier and in each case is negotiated separately - it depends on the weight and dimensions of the parcel.
We guarantee the dispatch of the ordered goods   through Auto Services   but does not guarantee their 100% delivery on time , due to the unpredictable work of carriers.
Subject to the occurrence of a warranty case   all costs of transporting the defective product to the store office, with the help of shipping companies   PAY BY BUYER . In the case of sending an unpaid parcel with a guaranteed product, the delivery service reserves the right not to transfer the defective product to the service department until the buyer has paid for the shipment in full.

In case of returning the goods within 3 days, all the costs of transporting the goods to the office are also   PAY BY BUYER!