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Turn signals

fastening of turns
In stock
Mounting on the front fork for turns, almost all models of motorcycles (up to 50 mm in diameter). The width is adjusted by means of 2 grooves in one of parts of fastening + a coupler of a bolt under a hexagon. The color is black and chrome...
263 грн.
Fastening of turns-mirrors on a wheel
In stock
Fastening of turns-mirrors on a wheel. Metal. In chrome and black. Diameter is 25 mm. Possibility of installation on a wheel of 22 mm due to substrates. Diameter of an aperture for fastening of 10,5 mm..
638 грн.
Fork swivel brackets
In stock
Fastening on a fork with a diameter of 38-39 mm (also 41 mm), for turns. Made of aluminum alloy. The color is black and chrome...
675 грн.
Fastening of turns Back
Fastening of turns Back. Made of metal. Width 1.5 cm. Length 7 cm. The diameter of the hole is 10 mm. The size of the cutout is 1.3 x 2 cm. The price is for a couple...
113 грн.