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Custom motorcycle headlight mount
In stock
Custom motorcycle headlight mount. Metallic. Chrome and black. For diameters 41, 37 and 33 mm. With three different attachments. Dimensions 15 * 5.5 cm. The working part is 11 cm long...
1 200 грн.
Fasteners for headlights chrome & black
In stock
Mounting on the front fork for the headlight. Suitable for almost all types of fork feathers (up to 50 mm). Removal length is 10 cm. Bolts for fastening in a set...
488 грн.
Fastening for a headlight on the Custom-2 motorcycle
Fastening for a headlight on the Custom-2 motorcycle. Adjustable for the angle of rotation. The total length is 17 cm. The length of the working part is 10 cm. Width 6 cm. The distance between the holes is 10 cm. For feathers with a diameter of 41-43..
900 грн.